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Authorize idle requests

How to manually authorize a single request.

Before a request can be sent to potential responders, it must be authorized.

Many NRE/VDX systems are configured to automatically authorize requests if the request is validated and a rota is built. Other systems are configured to require the staff to authorize every new request.

If your NRE/VDX is configured to manually authorize a request or when a request cannot be validated or no rota can be built, you will have to review the request, resolve any issues and then authorize it.

To authorize a single request, you can either retrieve the request from the Idle/Auth Manual or Idle/Check Manual section of the Borrower Work Queue or from a Request search, by its ILL number or other key.

From the brief results select the action ‘Request’ and click the Action button. This opens the request up in edit mode and it can now be modified and authorized.

You will note that the Authorization Status is now set to Authorized.

You may want to review the rota before authorizing the request. You may need to add locations to the rota if none were found as part of the DocFind process. The rota can be checked, locations added and the sequence changed as appropriate.

To add locations to the rota, enter the symbol or part of the name in the ‘Library symbol or location name’ box and click the Search button. In the example below, ‘CDL’ was entered in the search box.

All locations matching your search term will be displayed as Found. Select the location or locations you want to add to the rota and click Add.

The location is then added to the selected box. It can be removed by using the Remove button.

You can also order the locations in the rota by using Move to Top, Up, Down and Move to Bottom.

If your request was not automatically processed because the item was found locally and you decide to send the request, remember to remove the location(s) from the rota that represent your local location(s) before authorizing the request.

When the rota is suitable and the request is ready to be sent to a lender, click the Request button. A confirmation screen is displayed showing whether the action was successful.

Your request will now have a status of Pending and will be sent to the first responder on the rota.

From the action message, you can click Go to next request in the results set to continue authorizing requests.

When you encounter a request that should not be authorized, you can Complete it to remove it from your work queue. See section 2.4.7.