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Borrowing Library: Possible request actions


Local Change request

This is a standard action available for all request statuses, allowing you to edit the request or its rota.


Report to the supplying library that the item has been lost.


This is a standard action available for all request statuses, allowing you to send a message to the Responding library.


Request renewal of the loan of the item. The status will change to Renew/Pending until you receive a response from the supplying library.


Inform the supplying library that you have returned the loaned item. The request’s status will change to Returned until you are informed by the supplying library that they have received the item back.


Use this action to record damage to the item while on loan to your library. Details of the damage can be recorded in a notes field.

Cond. Reply No

You are unable to meet the responding library’s conditions - this action causes the request to be considered Not Supplied by the current responder and it will move to the next location on the rota.

Cond. Reply Yes

You accept the responder’s conditions. This action moves the request back into the responder’s In Process queue and picking list.

Add private note

Add an internal note to the request. This action does not cause an indication action on the lending partner’s request.


Inform the lender that you no longer want the item from the lending library. Once approved, the request will be sent to the next library in the rota.


The request should no longer be considered active.


A requested item has been received in your library.


Request that the lending library extend the due date for a borrowed item.


The initial action in NRE/VDX. This action creates/sends an ILL request.

Send Public Note

This action sends a message to the current responder.

Send User Alert

Send an ad-hoc message to the requesting patron.

Terminate Request

The patron no longer requires a requested item. This action sends a cancel message to the current responder. If the responder approves the cancellation, the request will not be sent to any subsequent rota locations.