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Standard search

Learn how to perform a standard keyword search in UnityUK.

The Standard Search is a keyword search. It returns hits containing your search term(s) anywhere in the record.

Enter the word or words you would like to search for in the Search for: box, then click the Search button.

Standard Search screen

UnityUK will put an implied ‘AND’ between multiple search terms, so in the example above will return hits containing the words “Georgian” AND “architecture”.

 Caution: Because the simple search is actually an "Any" search (interpreted by the target) so could be searching over title, author, keywords, notes etc.

Therefore if you are searching for more than one word and want them searched as a phrase rather than individual words, please use the Advanced Search and enclose the phrase in quotation marks. For example a title search for “Georgian architecture” will search for the phrase “Georgian architecture” rather than searching for the individual words – “Georgian” and “architecture”.

Advanced Search screen

Results screen

The Reset Form link next to “Search" clears the search terms entered.

The list of Searchable Collections (catalogues) being searched appears on screen, unless you click the Collections link, which will clear the list from the screen.

You can click on the name of each Collection displayed to see more information about the Collection. 

Here the link to the UnityUK Collection has been clicked. A pop-up window is presented describing the Collection.

Collection Detail screen

To de-select a Collection from your search simply uncheck the check box preceding the collection name. The search can now be run without this Collection being searched.

Searchable Collections options

Click the Search button Search button to perform the search. You will be presented with the search results. The Results page will be discussed later in more detail.

Results screen

After you have performed a search, you will see more links in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

UnityUK Menu Bar