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Lender Work Queue statuses

Find the statuses available in the Lender Work Queue in UnityUK.

The Lender Work Queue should be checked as often as possible for items at the following statuses, all of which may require action:

  • New Requests - Requests which other libraries want you to supply that you have not yet checked.
  • Cancel Requested - You need to let the borrower know the request is cancelled – or if the item has already been shipped.
  • Renewal Requested - Items you have lent to other libraries and which the borrower wants to renew. You should update the request to let the borrower know whether you consent to renewal of the loan.
  • Will Supply - Requests for which you have taken the Answer Will Supply action and need to be Shipped, or if not available, need to have the Answer Nonsupply action taken.

You should also look out for any New Notes from borrowing libraries whenever you check the Lender Work Queue.