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Patron and library messaging

Find information on patron or portal messaging in the Staff Portal.

Patron Message

When viewing a patron request configured with a messaging method of email and an email address, staff members will see the “Patron Message” button displayed within the button options at the bottom of each processing tab (Loan |Supply | Unfilled/Cancel | Bib Info | …)


The Notify message input field, if displayed, enables staff to select from a pre-configured list of patron messages that can be used as a template to assist staff in the preparation of the desired message. These pre-configured messages are configured via the use of the Table Maintenance function.

 Note: The constructed message can include HTML.


Message supplier button

The Message Supplier button, when enabled, will display at the bottom of each processing tab (Loan |Supply | Unfilled/Cancel | Bib Info | …). Requesting and supplying libraries can click on the message supplier button to communicate back and forth.

The requesting library can click on the message supplier button, a general message to the supplier, with their preferred communication method, will pop up. The requesting library can choose a pre-defined subject, draft a message to the supplier, and click submit.

The supplying library can view a request from another institution by clicking the Message Requester button. The supplying library can generate a general message to the requesting library based on the communication protocol associated with the request.

Selection of either the Message Supplier or Message Requester options will spawn the associated modal.