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Modify staff Login options

Learn how to modify staff login options in Relais ILL.
  1. Login to Administer Settings.
  2. Select the Applications Settings tab.
  3. Open the Processing section.
  4. Open the Login section.
  5. Select the instance of the Login application to be modified.
  6. Click Extended Settings.
  7. Select Functions Left to modify the left column of the Login or Functions Right to modify the right columns.
  8. Select the applications, from the bottom pane, to remove from the list.
  9. Click Delete.
    Extended Login Settings window
  10. Select the applications from the Applications drop-down to add to the Login, e.g., Review Queue.
  11. If appropriate select a corresponding Identifier, e.g., Web Form Entry.
  12. Modify the Description, if necessary.
  13. Click Add.
    Extended Login Settings window

     Note: Each column can have only 15 entries - including the separator.

  14. Use the Up/Down arrows to order the applications in the way they display when using the Login instance.
  15. Click Update
  16. Click OK when complete.
  17. Click Reset to revert to the original data.
  18. Click Cancel to exit without saving changes.


  • To organize functions on the Login, add the Separator.
  • Close and reopen Login for the changes to take effect.