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In ILLiad, can we upload the Users into the Users table?

  • You are thinking that you want to bypass registration and you want to know if you can upload the patrons into the Users table
Applies to
  • ILLiad

We do not support loading Users into the Users table.  You can, however, load the patrons into the UserValidation table and use that table to fill in the Registration Form when the patron has been authenticated.  The patron needs to submit the Registration Form to be fully registered.  Here is what the ILLiad Hosted sites would require to use this process:

  1. You need to request to have a Patron Load set up.  This is so we can set up the authentication and the procedure for you to upload your patron list.
  2. Once we set it up, you will need to SFTP the patron list to our system and what you send to us will overwrite the table that is in our system.  We check it every day between 2 a..m and 6 a.m.  If there is no new information, then the table is not overwritten.
  3. We have specific requirements on how the information should be sent to us.

      A.  I have attached what the file should look like for the ILLiad Client.
      B.  The first line is the separator line.  You specify what you will use to separate the fields.
      C.  The second line is a list of all your headers
      D.  All the lines after that are all the data you are sending.
      E.  The second column you use "Load" for the field to tell ILLiad that the data is used to be loaded in the Registration Form after the patron is authenticated.
      F.  The only time this table is accessed is during the registration.  After that, the patron information will not be accessed again.

 4.  If there is a problem in your file such as too few names, our system will get an error message and we will contact you about the issue and how to fix it.

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