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I am getting a Data Transport Connection error message in ILLiad when trying to deliver through Odyssey, what does this mean and how do we fix it?

  • When trying to deliver Electronic Articles through Odyssey and delivery fails.  The ILLiad logs show a Data Transport Connection error.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

It sounds like you have blocked port 7968.  Data Transport connection errors means you are unable to get to the server or the service is down.  You can see if there is an issue by trying to telnet to the Web Server on port 7968 from the computer in question.  Here are some steps:

1.  Restart your ILLiad Odyssey Manager service. Self-hosted sites will need to contact the library Web Server Administrator.  If you are hosted by OCLC, you can contact OCLC Support.  After it is restarted, try again.

2.  If it is not working still, then you will need to turn on Telnet by going to the Programs and features. 

3.  Then select the Turn Windows Features on or off. 

4.  An alphabetic listing of the Windows Features appears. Make sure Telnet Client is selected. Choose OK.  

5.  After the Telnet Client is installed, to a command prompt and type in:

6.  telnet (server IP address) 7968

For example:

telnet 7968

7.  Once connected, a blank screen with a blinking cursor will show.  Try connecting again and see if it works. If the problem persists, contact OCLC Support.

8. For a connection failed message, then the account is being blocked on your site. Please make sure port 7968 is open on the library Firewall or Network.

The problem can also be related to the connection to the SQL Server on port 1433 or 1344.  You should not have any restrictions on your bandwidth for these ports to the SQL Server.

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