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I added some email templates in the Customization Manager, but they are not showing up in the ILLiad Client

  • You added some email Templates in the Customization Manager under the Email Notifications tab, but the Emails are not showing up in the ILLiad Client when you are in a request and select the Send Notifications drop-down.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

You need to follow the instructions for Email Routing.  Here are a couple of steps to remember:

  • The names of templates must match their entry in the EmailRouting Table exactly.
  • Review naming conventions to make sure there are no extra spaces or invisible characters.
  • The values from the EmailRouting table entries for DefaultFromName, DefaultFromAddress, DefaultToName, DefaultToAddress, DefaultCCAddress, DefaultBCCAddress, and DefaultSubject will overwrite the corresponding fields in the Notifications templates.
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