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I added a Delivery location and now when I get to the Workform, I get an error message

  • You added a Delivery Location in the DeliveryLocations table and now your Work Form in the ILLiad Client is not working.  You are on a single server and you added a delivery location.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

You added a Delivery Location which we will call MTA, and he asked how he can get it so whatever needs to be updated, is updated.  Right now, you are unable to fill out a Work form because there is no Work form setting in the Customization Manager.  Here is how you can update all the Customization Manager settings.  

Custom Drop Down Table:

  1. You will need to make sure your CustomDropDown table has an NVTGC entry for MTA.  
  2. If it does not, copy the ILL Record and change the NVTGC to MTA.  
  3. Save the record.

Work Form Mapping Table:

  1. Copy the WorkformMapping table ILL entries and change the NVTGC for ILL over to MTA, so you will have a set of MTA entries:
  2. Open up an entry that begins with ILL in the WorkFormMapping table.
  3. Click on Copy Record.
  4. Click on the NVTGC Field and change the NVTGC from ILL to MTA. 
  5. Save the record.

OpenURL Mapping table:

  1. Open up an entry that begins with ILL in the OpenURLMapping table.
  2. Click on Copy Record.
  3. Click on the NVTGC Field and change the NVTGC from ILL to MTA. 
  4. Save the record.


Notification Templates:

You will need to add entries into your Notification templates so the entries begin with MTA that are replications of the templates that begin with ILL. 

  1. Open up a Notification Template that begins with ILL such as "ILL Borrowing Loan Pickup." 
  2. Copy the name.  
  3. Then he will Copy the record and paste the name back into the Name field.  
  4. Change ILL to MTA.
  5. Save the record.

Continue this process for all the current templates that begin with ILL so now you have a set that begin with MTA.

LocalInfo table:

You need to add an entry for the LocalInfo table.

  1. Open up the LocalInfo table.  
  2. Click on the entry that has the NVTGC for ILL.
  3. Click on Copy Record.
  4. Click on the NVTGC field and change ILL to MTA.
  5. Press <enter> and save the record.
  6. Make any appropriate changes you need to the new MTA record.

You will need to make sure your Registration page and your Change User Information pages have the new Delivery Location information in them.  If you listed your different Locations under the NVTGC field, then you will need to add the new delivery location.  If your Coding shows like this for the NVTGC field, then you do not have to make any changes to the coding on the page because this coding pulls from the CustomDropDown table.

<label for="NVTGC">
	<span class="field">
		<span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORNVTGC">"><b>Pickup Location</b></span>
	<select id="NVTGC" name="NVTGC" size="1" class="f-name" tabindex= "4">
		<#OPTION name="custom" groupname="NVTGC" selectedValue="<#PARAM name=NVTGC>" />
	</select><br />

You will then need to restart the ILLiad Client on each computer.  If you are hosted, you will need to contact OCLC Support to restart your ILLiad Connection Manager service.  Otherwise, you need to have your Web Server Administrator restart your Connection Manager service.

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