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How do I setup an SFTP connection to the Hosted ILLiad Server using WinSCP?

Applies to
  • ILLiad

We officially support Filezilla for connecting to OCLC Hosted servers, though many other programs can successfully connect. Another common program is WinSCP, and here is how to connect to an ILLiad Hosted Server with WinSCP:

  1. Open WinSCP.
  2. In the Login screen, click New Site.
  3. Set the File Protocol to SFTP.
  4. For Host Name, put in the IP address of your ILLiad Server.
  5. Set the Port number to 222
  6. Put in the Username and Password provided by OCLC Support.
  7. Click the Advanced... drop-down and click Advanced... again.
  8. On the Advanced Site Settings menu, under Environment, click Directories. 
  9. The Remote Directory will be "/ILLiad" and your will choose yourself.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Then, Save. 
  12. You will be asked to create a site name, and you can also save the password.
  13. Click OK.
  14. When you connect the first time, you will get a message that starts with "Continue connecting to an unknown server and add its host key to a cache?"  Click Yes.

If you cannot connect to the ILLiad Client or the SFTP server, be sure the computer is using an IP address owned by your institution, either on-site or remotely with a VPN. If you become locked out due to unsuccessful sign-in attempts, contact OCLC Support.

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