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How do I fix it when I am getting a File in Use error message when I trying to print in ILLiad?

  • You are trying to print and you are getting a "File in Use" error message
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When you are getting a "File in Use" error message, it means that either the Excel document which is the data source or the Word document is already open on the computer and you need to close them.  Here are the steps you need to do to fix this issue.

  1. It is best to close down any Word or Excel documents you have open.
  2. Go to your Task Manager and under the Processes tab, make sure that you do not have Excel and WinWord, or Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word open by clicking on the application and clicking on the End Task.  
  3. If your Microsoft Word documents are on a shared drive and you have multiple users, you should check that no one else has the Word document open.  The open document would cause the same error.  
  4. After all the tasks that have a possible Excel or Word Document are ended and if you are on a shared drive for your print documents and no one else is in the Word document, then you should be able to print again.
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