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Certain requests in ILLiad will not load and give a generic error instead

  • Opening certain requests causes ILLiad to give a generic error, and the request will not load. Other requests open without this problem. 
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are two possible causes of an error loading a request and their solutions:

  • Missing Lending User: A user with the name Lending is essential for processing requests. 
    1. In the Home ribbon, search for the Username "Lending" and make sure this user exists. 
    2. If they do not, create one in the ILLiad Client. 
  • Routing Rules: The NewProcessType in a Routing Rule may have an extra character.
    1. In the Customization Manager, search for "Routing" and click that key in the lower left.
    2. Each rule will has columns and double-clicking on each rule gives you access to the row. If there are only a few, open each and make sure each NewProcessType has no additional spaces, such as "Borrowing " instead of "Borrowing" 
    3. Correct any that need spaces removed and save the change.
    4. You will also need to have the Transactions updated.  If you are hosted by OCLC, then send a request to OCLC Support.  Otherwise, your SQL Admin needs to run this query:

Update Transactions
Set Processtype='Borrowing'
Where Processtype in ('Borrowing', 'Borrowing ')

Additional information

If you find that you have quite a few Routing Rules, you can check to see if any of them are causing a problem by having OCLC Support help you if you're hosted or by having your SQL Administrator run this sort of query with Borrowing or Lending. Note the extra space in process type in the example above.  So for Lending you would use the line:

Where Processtype in ('Lending', 'Lending ')

or Doc Del as:

Where Processtype in ('Doc Del', 'Doc Del ')

You should be working now.  If, after that, the requests do not open like normal, then you'll need to check the Routing table in Customization Manager to make sure the NewProcessType entries are all correct and without extra spaces.

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