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How to restore an item that was accidentally withdrawn

  • An item shows up in circulation with the status of withdrawn unexpectedly, however the LHR can still be seen and edited within Record Manager
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare Record Manager 

An item can show up as being withdrawn:

  • If it has either been deleted and not yet purged
  • Where a barcode change has been made on an item, re-using a barcode from another item that has not yet been purged, prior to the barcode being used again
  1. A barcode or Item does not get fully purged unless it has the base status of the following : Available, Never_had, Lost, Missing or Returned.
  2. If staff re-use a barcode before its been fully purged, this can cause this issue where the item shows a status of withdrawn.

How to restore the record, if it's still editable in record Manager 

  1. Open the record in Record Manager and search by OCLC Number.
  2. Select the title & scroll down the page to locate the LHR information.
  3. Select LHRs.
  4. Go down to the 876 tag and look at the $r subfield tag. This will most likely be the barcode that is showing as being withdrawn.
  5. If a $r subfield is present, you will need to copy and paste this barcode back into the $p subfield and then delete the $r subfield.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Check in this title in Circulation and make a small edit to the record (perhaps the staff note or another minor change). This will force the barcode to be synchronised. The barcode synchronisation will restore the status.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Wait 10 minutes or so, clear your cache and restart your browser.
  10. Check the status of this item again in Circulation, is should now display as available.

Note: There should only be 1 x 876 $p field in a record (barcode for the item held). More 876 $p fields maybe present, if more than one LHR is attached to the same record. The $r field is only created and generated as a place to hold the old barcode, that was removed, re-barcoded or deleted.

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