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Why do deleted items still display with a status of Withdrawn, when they should be purged?

  • Deleted items, still show with the status of Withdrawn after the expected time, in which they should have been permanently deleted from the system (purged)
  • When running Inventory reports, items may display even though you believe you have had them deleted. These will have the status of withdrawn
  • These withdrawn items can still be freely edited in Record manager and the Local Holding Record items seems fine, except it has withdrawn as its status 
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare Reports 

WorldShare always waits the amount of time entered in Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Admin General > Deleted Items before purging items. The process that purges items is only run on Sunday night, though, so even if your settings are set to 0 all items will stay in the system in Withdrawn status until the Sunday night following when you delete them. If you find that Withdrawn items are sticking around past Sunday, please contact OCLC Support  with a sample title and OCLC number, as well as the link to this article.

NOTE: When wanting to delete any items, the best practice used to avoid having items remaining on your system with the status of 'withdrawn', is to always check-in items at their home branch, before deleting them. This will ensure they will be deleted and purged correctly as expected.

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