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The MARC record in my WorldCat Cataloging Partners file is for the wrong record, the match is wrong

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager, including WorldCat Cataloging Partners

OCLC uses many match points to try to match data from providers with existing OCLC records in the WorldCat database.  Incorrect matches may happen because of incorrect data or missing data in the match points and this can cause an incorrect MARC record to be made available for download. An example might be when a MARC record for a print item is delivered but the item is actually an electronic item.  OCLC records may be grouped together because they are records for the same item with some differences.   

When an incorrect match occurs, delete your holdings (OCLC symbol) from the incorrectly matched OCLC Control Number (OCN) and attach your holdings to the correct match.

Additional information

With Collection Manager WCP, users order item(s) from the material provider, the material provider submits a manifest to OCLC of the items ordered for processing.  OCLC uses match points in the data from the provider to match to the best OCLC OCN available in WorldCat and, if the institution has chosen the option to receive MARC records, make those records available for download in WorldShare/Metadata/My Files and via SFTP.  WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP) users, It may seem that the grouping is incorrect but groupings that you may see on a title in your OCLC WorldCat knowledge base for a specific title/OCN do not pertain to WCP.

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