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I created a query collection, but it did not deliver a file.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

Please check to verify that the collection is set up to deliver MARC records.

  1. Search for the collection. See Search for collections in Collection Manager for help.
  2. Click on the name of the collection to open it.
  3. Expand the Holdings and MARC Records accordion.
  4. If Enable MARC record delivery is disabled for this collection, change that setting to Use institution setting

 Caution: The collection-level MARC record delivery options will not be available until you enable MARC record delivery in the institution Settings.

Please check the Record Delivery tab to verify that the collection is set to deliver daily.

Caution: If the collection is a one-time delivery, it will be automatically set to deliver once on the daily schedule.  One time delivery collections do not have a scheduling setting under the Record Delivery tab.

Please check the Record Delivery tab to verify that the collection is set to a Delivery file output that has selected: Deliver records for this collection in a separate file  This means that you must enter a name into the box. 

If you find that the collection is set to Deliver records for this collection in the same file as other collections, it may have already delivered the records unnoticed into another file.

Caution: Any collection that is set up as a one time delivery, and already has delivered a file must be re-created using the Clone Collection feature.

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