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How do I provide access to HathiTrust electronic-resources for paid-for print materials during Covid-19

  • Access to HathiTrust electronic resources for paid-for print materials
Applies to
  • WorldCat Collection Manager
  • WorldCat knowledge base
  • HathiTrust

During COVID-19, you may want to provide access to your HathiTrust electronic resources for paid-for print materials.  If you are using WorldCat Discovery to set holdings on HathiTrust titles you will need to create a locally created collection in your WorldCat knowledge base with the HathiTrust titles, URLs, and OCNs populated by uploading a KBART file. 

  • Your library must be a HathiTrust Member Library
    • If your library is not a member yet, then ETAS is not available to you, but you are absolutely able to apply for membership, it's not capped that we’re aware of. Here is the information you need to join 
    • If your institution is currently a HathiTrust Member Library, or if your institution wants to apply and become a member, you can check this page for the steps to receive your "ETAS Overlap Report" from HathiTrust.  This report contains the titles you have access to and will populate the KBART file to create the collection

    • With these overlap reports, not every title in the report will be able to be included in the collection because not every title in the overlap report is "E".  The percentage will be different for each library

  • These files will be  created as local collections only so they can easily be removed when the access is removed
    • Access will be removed when libraries gain access once again to the physical materials in the library
    • Currently, access is available to US, Canada, and Australia

If you need assistance with creating this collection and/or the KBART file contact  OCLC Support

When contacting OCLC Support, include your HathiTrust ETAS Overlap Report and with a subject line of HathiTrust access during COVID shutdown." on the message.

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