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Create a query collection

Follow the instructions to create a WorldCat query collection in Collection Manager to output MARC records.

1. Configure institution settings

If you haven't already, follow the steps to configure institution settings for query collections.

2. Create a query collection

Navigate to Create a Collection

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL. Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier:
  2. Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager > Create a Collection > Query collection.

Note: To find query collections after you create them, you can perform search in Collection Manager leaving the search box empty and filter your search results by Query Collections. See Search for collections in Collection Manager for more information.

Complete collection-level fields

  1. Collection Name: With the Properties accordion, enter a Collection Name.
  2. Collection ID: The Collection ID will be automatically generated.
  3. WorldCat Selection Criteria: Enter a query to search WorldCat. See Collection-level settings in query collections.
     Note:  There is a 20,000 character limit (including special characters) for the WorldCat Selection Criteria.
  4. Collection Type:
    • Choose One-time delivery to receive a file of records for the WorldCat query collection once
    • Choose Ongoing delivery to receive records on an ongoing basis
  5. MARC Delivery Filters: If desired, choose to apply a filter using one of the MARC Delivery Filters to only receive records based on specific criteria.  Filtering options include:
    • Filter by Process
    • Filter by Date Holdings Set
    • Filter by Date Bib Records Created
    • Filter by Date Bib Records Updated

See Collection-level settings in query collections.  

Confirm the collection

  1. At the top of the screen, click Create.
    After you click Create, you will see a message stating the number of records your selection criteria returned. If your selection criteria returns 0 records, you will see a message:
    "If you are preparing this query for future data results, you should continue. If this seems incorrect, then you should re-enter your WorldCat selection criteria."

     Note: The number of records the selection criteria returned does not include any filtering that may be done in the MARC Delivery Filters accordion.

  2. If the number of records meets your expectations, click Continue.

 Caution:  Once a query collection has been confirmed, WorldCat Selection Criteria and MARC Deliver Filters cannot be modified or added to the collection.

Watch a video

Create WorldCat query collections

Run time: 11:35

This video demonstrates using WorldShare Collection Manager to create a WorldCat Query Collection, as well as enable and configure collection-level MARC record options for a query collection.


3. Enable record delivery in the collection

  1. Within the collection, expand the MARC Records accordion.
  2. Choose Use institution setting to Enable MARC Record Delivery within the collection.

4. Complete the collection-level record settings

  1. Complete the settings in collection-level Customize Records tab
    • Note that many libraries enter a collection-specific note or custom text.
  2. Complete the settings in the collection-level Record Delivery tab
    • Note that many libraries configure the Delivery File Output setting in order to output records for a collection in a separate file. If you do not configure this setting, records from your collections will be output in a file with records from other collections. File names are limited to 25 alphanumeric characters.