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Provider Data Load

Find information about the Activity History for Provider Data Loads in Knowledge base collections.

Find details about Provider Data Loads

To find details about Provider Data Loads:

  1. Navigate to Collection Manager Search.
  2. Choose Activity History as the Data Type.
  3. Select My Institution's History as the Scope.
  4. Leave the search box blank.
  5. Click Search.
  6. At the top of the screen, select the Loads & Feeds filter. From the drop-down menu that appears, choose Provider Data Load.
  7. Click Filter.
  8. In the search results, click the Provider Data Load of interest.
    • There are often two activities listed for a single Provider Data Load. Automatic Holdings Feeds are preceded by a Provider Data Load.
  9. Click on Title Changes.
    • To download a report, click on the Download Detailed Report button.

Activity History search results

When there is a data load, if a provider file includes new titles, those titles will be automatically selected for your library. Title selections are unique to libraries.

When global titles are added and those titles are selected for your library, you will see two activities in the Activity History:

  • One for global data changes, the titles added
  • One for titles selected, the titles the system selected for your library as a result of the autosubscribe setting being enabled in the collection

Title Changes page(s)

The Title Changes page will have a box that summarizes the number of changes.

It will also have a change table with rows that show the specific titles that changed, the Updated Data and Previous Data. There might be several changes listed. You can search for a title and/or filter by the type of change

Filter the change table:

  1. Remember that you might have two options for one provider for the same data load if you have the collection selected and have the autosubscribe collection-level setting enabled. Each of the two results will have different changes listed in the change table on the Title Changes (/title-changes/) page.
    1. One will only list Titles Selected. Only your library sees this information as it is unique to your library.
    2. The Title Changes page associated with the other result will only list global changes. These can include:
      • Title Added
      • Title Deleted
      • Title Updated
  2. Choose a relevant filter from the drop-down menu. The rows of the box that summarize the number of changes at the top of the screen tell you which filters are relevant. The filter menu shows the same options for all types of Title Changes pages in the Activity History; thus not all the filters shown will be applicable.

Clicking on a Title Name will bring you to the title's Title History. The provider will be listed as the Source.

Download a detailed report

This report will be a KBART file containing all of the titles from the provider data load. The ACTION column will describe how the title changed.

ACTION values in KBART file     Definition
new A new title was added.
updated_old Title data was updated; Previous data.
updated_new Title data was updated; Updated data.
deleted The title was deleted.