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List all of your library's Dewey user notes

Learn how to list all of your library's user notes in WebDewey.
  1. On the Dewey Services tab, under Search Options or WebDewey, click User Notes. The Search WebDewey User Notes screen appears.
  2. In the search form, leave the Search for text box empty.
  3. (Optional) Pre-sort search results. To specify sort criteria for retrieved user notes:
    1. Under Sort results by, select up to 3 fields by which to sort retrieved notes. For each field, select Ascending or Descending.
      Default setting: No sort criteria. Results are sorted by DDC number; notes not associated with a DDC number appear at the end of the results list.
  4. (Optional) Limit search by type of note (requires site license).
    1. Under Limit results by, select the type of note to retrieve: Institution, Personal, or All (default).  
      Not available with single-user license. If you have a single-user license for WebDewey, the Limit results by: option is not available.
  5. Check the search form for errors in sort options or the Type of Note limit.

    Clear search
    • To restore default settings for sort options and the Type of Note limit, click Clear Search.
    • The Retain Search check box retains its setting (selected or cleared).
  6. Click Search or press <Enter>. The system displays a list of your library's Dewey user notes.

    Retain search
    • To preserve settings for sort options and Type of Note limit, select the Retain Search check box.
    • If Retain Search is not selected (the default setting), the system restores default settings for sort options and the Type of Note limit.
    • The setting for the Retain Search check box is retained until you change it.