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About WebDewey user notes

Find an overview of personal and institution user notes in WebDewey.

Why create user notes?

  • Notes attached to DDC records provide quick access to guidelines that reflect local classification practices.
  • Personal notes help individual catalogers classify similar items consistently over time.
  • Institution notes promote consistent classification by multiple catalogers with varied specialties and experience.
  • Notes preserve decisions about classification, saving time by avoiding duplication of intellectual effort.

Personal user notes

  • Available with a single license or site license for WebDewey.
  • Personal notes are associated with the authorization number of the user who creates the notes.
  • Only the individual who creates a note can retrieve it from the notes database or view the note from a DDC record. Personal notes are not shared with other users at an institution.

Institution user notes

  • Available with a site license for WebDewey.
  • Institution notes are associated with the library's OCLC institution symbol.
  • Institution notes are shared with all users at the same institution. Any user can retrieve notes from the notes database or view notes associated with a DDC record.

User notes storage

  • Notes reside on the WebDewey server.
  • For an institution with a site license, the notes database contains both institution notes (shared by all users from that institution) and personal notes (available only to the user who creates the note).


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