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Fields in Dewey user notes

Find the fields available in WebDewey user notes.
Field Purpose Required?
DDC# Identify the number to which the note applies (if any).

Use a number from the schedules, tables, or manual.
Title Describe content of note. Indicate when or how the note applies to a classification task.

Displayed in brief entries for retrieved notes in search results.
Type of Note Enable selective display of notes by type.

Enable use of note type as a restrictor (qualifier) when searching the notes database.

Institution notes require site license

Only users with a site license for WebDewey can create institution notes. With a single-user license, you can create personal notes only.
Keywords Provide additional terms to facilitate retrieval of the note.

Multiple keywords. If you enter multiple keywords, separate the keywords with a comma or semicolon.
Note Content of the note. Can include: Instructions, guidelines, tips, supplemental information, examples of numbers built according to your library's practice, and/or examples of subjects to classify under the number. Yes


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