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Find training on Local Holdings Maintenance.

The series of Local Holdings Maintenance tutorials covers the basics and will help you get started. Begin with the first tutorial in the list and then select the rest in the order of your choice.

System requirements for these tutorials are below. Run times are approximations. The amount of time needed to complete a tutorial will vary with each individual.

Connexion® browser tutorials


Describes the various screens and features you'll use for local holdings maintenance.

Run time: 30 min.

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Search WorldCat for local holdings records

Covers what is unique to the search for local holdings. Shows how to search for institution and group local holdings.

Run time: 15 min.

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Maintain local holdings records

Shows how to edit and update existing local holdings records.

Run time: 25 min.

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Create local holdings records

Covers how to create a new local holdings record as well as derive one from an existing local holdings record. Also covers how to create and use Constant Data (CD) records.

Run time: 15 min.

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Constant data

Explains how to create, apply, and maintain local holdings constant data. Also covers how to apply constant data "on the fly" as well as how to use default constant data.

Run time: 33 min.

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Agent activity

Covers workflow for agents only. Shows what actions an agent would perform.

Run time: 22 min.

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