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How can I select only part of the data inside a field in my repository to fill a MARC field in the Metadata map?

  • You OAI-PMH repository contains a field with the information you need, but it's included inside other data that you don't want to bring over into your Metadata map.
Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway

Digital Collection Gateway provides a field splitting function that will allow you to select a character to split the data in your field.

  1. From the Home tab, click on Edit under the Metadata Map column of the collection you want to alter.
  2. Click the MARC View tab. 
  3. Select More > Show Unmapped fields to unhide all the unmapped fields inside the MARC view.
  4. Click More > Update Field splitting rules. 
  5. Select the Dublin Core field you want your data to come from in the Dublin Core Field drop-down.
  6. Type in the character you want to split your data on (ie. ";", ",", "-",<space> etc...).
  7. Click OK
  8. Click on the field you want to set up with your newly split data.
  9. Select the section of the data you want to assign to the field based on the newly split content.  
  10. Click Add
  11. Review your records to make sure the field splitting worked well, then save your map.  
Additional information

There is more information on the Field splitting tool and other functions for manipulating data in the Metadata map. 

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