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How can I remove duplicates from our Digital Collection Gateway?

  • Duplicates populating in the Gateway
Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway

The Digital Collection Gateway will create duplicates if an existing record that has already been passed through the Gateway has been changed. When they Gateway goes to sync the collection, these changes prevent the record from syncing, thus creating a duplicate record. To resolve this:

  1. Pull a list of the duplicate OCNs from the Gateway report.
  2. Send this list of OCNs to, notifying them that these are duplicates created by the Digital Collection Gateway and need to be deleted from WorldCat. If there are holdings on the record, Bibchange will not be able to delete them until all holdings are removed.
  3. Once they've notified you that the duplicates have been purged from WorldCat, resync your collection.
  4. If duplicates continue to populate, you will need to have Bibchange clear them out again, then delete the collection and resync it from scratch.
Additional information

While Bibchange is deleting the duplicates, ensure that you do not have a sync scheduled to run. If you have a sync scheduled, either cancel it or send the duplicates to Bibchange after the sync process has run.

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