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Why are the Navigate Next/Previous options greyed out when browsing the LC Authority File?

Applies to
  • Connexion client

Browsing the authority file will give you a list of 50 headings that match or most closely match the browse term you entered. The closest match will be highlighted. Only a maximum of 50 results are shown so the Navigate Next/Previous 100 records option will always be greyed out.
You can, however, double-click an entry in the LC Names and Subjects Browse List (or single-click and press <Enter>). Results depend on the number of records represented by the entry:
  If the entry represents a single record, the record opens.
  If the entry represents more than 50 matching records, the client displays a list of the first set of 50.
  To see the next or previous set of 50 records:
      Press <Page down> or <Page up>. (You may have to press more than once, depending on the size of your client window display.)
      Scroll one entry at a time: Press the <Up arrow> or <Down arrow>. At the last or first entry of a set of 50, the display changes to the next or previous set, respectively.

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