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The Ctrl+D shortcut to insert the subfield delimiter stopped working

  • In Connexion client, the Ctrl+D shortcut to insert the subfield delimiter character doesn't work. No character is inserted.
Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions

First, confirm that the shortcut key is set up correctly.

  1. In the top ribbon of the client, navigate to Tools > Keymaps
  2. Select the radio button for Character in the "Display Commands for Category" section
  3. In the "Characters" list, scroll down to Subfield Delimiter
  4. Click to highlight the row

When the row is highlighted, you should see Ctrl+D (App Default) in the "Current Shortcut Keys" field. If not, press Ctrl+D to reassign those keys to the subfield delimiter character.

If the key is set up correctly, there could be an application conflict causing the issue. If you use Webex or have Webex installed on your workstation, open Webex and remove the keyboard shortcut for Ctrl+D (decline call). Once removed, close and reopen Connexion client and retry the shortcut.

If this does not resolve the issue, uninstall and reinstall Connexion client.

If you try all of the above and the issue persists, contact OCLC Support with your OCLC Symbol, the version of Connexion you are using, and the steps you have tried so far.

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