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Odd beeps coming from Connexion client when pasting

  • You hear odd beeps or sounds when working in Connexion client, specifically when performing some kind of cut, copy or paste.
Applies to
  • Connexion client

Inside Connexion client select Tools > Keymaps and make the following changes:


  • EditCutCopyPasteCopy > unassign Ctrl+C
  • EditCutCopyPasteCut > unassign Ctrl+X
  • EditCutCopyPastePaste > unassign Ctrl+V
  • EditCutCopyPasteInsertBlankFieldBelow > unassign Enter
  • EditCutCopyPasteUndo > unassign Ctrl+Z


After unassigning these keymaps, the error sound should no longer trigger whenever you copy or paste in Connexion client.

Additional information

There is more on Keymaps.

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