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"A generic error occurred in GDI" error when list records in Connexion client 3.x


When you attempt to list records in your local save file in Connexion client 3.x, you get this message: "A generic error occurred in GDI+." followed by a stack trace that looks similar to this:
"Stack Trace:
   at System.Drawing.Graphics.MeasureString(String text, Font font,
SizeF layoutArea, StringFormat stringFormat, Int32& charactersFitted,
Int32& linesFilled)
   at ListLib.RowCell.GetCellHeight(Graphics g, Font font, Int32
nStartHeight, Int32 nMaxLines, Int32 nUnpaddedLineHeight)
   at ListLib.ListRow.CalcRowHeight(Graphics g, Font font, Int32
   at ListLib.ListBase.InitRows()
   at ListLib.ListBase.OnPaint(Object sender, PaintEventArgs e)"

When you click OK, the record list window is blank. If you arrow up or down in the window, the GDI+ error occurs on every record.

Applies to
  • OCLC Connexion client 3.x

This is being caused by an unknown diacritic in one of the records.

Please send the file to OCLC Support. We may be able to find and remove the problematic record or records.

A resolution for this is being looked at for the next client release. No date yet determined.

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