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Connexion client record prints in extremely small font

  • When printing out certain records, the printout is in an extremely small font, possibly 8 pt. 
Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions

This behavior occurs when the record contains a very long 856 field.  Connexion can add a line break to a printout after certain URL characters like a question mark.  However, if Connexion can’t find a good line break character, and rather than spilling the line over the right edge of the page, it prints out the record using a smaller font size.

If you want the record to print in its normal size font, delete the long 856 field, print the record, then paste the URL back.  Or, close the record and answer No to the Do you want to save the record prompt.

Additional information

To see an example of a record with a long URL that prints in a compressed font, see OCLC #941712989.

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