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Z39.50 Local Record Use Attribute

Find out how to access and use the Z39.50 Local Record Use Attribute window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Z39.50 Local Record Use Attribute window

  • Define a use attribute value for retrieving a local system record using the Z39.50 connection you set up.
  • (Optional) Specify structure, truncation, and relation attribute values.

Access the Z39.50 Local Record Use Attribute window

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Z39.50.
  2. In the Z39.50 tab, click Local Record Use Attribute.
  3. Enter a name and a value for the attribute.
  4. (Optional) Select values for Structure, Truncation, and/or Relation attributes.
  5. Click OK.

See more about how to retrieve local system records using a Z39.50 connection.

Z39.50 Local Record Use Attribute window: Features and attributes

Feature How to use
Use Name box Enter a use name.

Default: Local#
Value box Enter a value.

Default: 12
Structure, Truncation, and Relation lists (Optional) Select structure, truncation, and relation.

Default for all: Unspecified

See the following table of values supported.


Attribution type Attributes supported Value
Structure Phrase 1
Word 2
Key 3
Year 4
Date (normalized) 5
Word list 6
Date (unnormalized) 100
Name (normalized) 101
Name (unnormalized) 102
Structure 103
Urx 104
Free-form Text 105
Document Text 106
Local# 107
String 108
Numeric string 109
Truncation Right 1
Left 2
Right and Left 3
Do Not Truncate 100
Process # in Search Term 101
RegExpr-1 102
RegExpr-2 103
Relation Less than 1
Less than or equal 2
Equal 3
Greater than or equal 4
Greater than 5
Not equal 6
Phonetic 100
Stem 101
Relevance 102
Always matches 103


More information about Z39.50 attributes is available on the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency website.