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Set Status

Find out how to access and use the Set Status window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Set Status window

  • Enter My Status, a custom note or identifier to help you easily locate records. Available for:
    • Online and local bibliographic save file records
    • Online and local bibliographic constant data records
    • Local (only) authority save file and constant data records

      (Not available for records in the online authority save file or for online authority constant data.)

    Alternative: Set a default My Status that the client applies automatically each time you save a record or save constant data. Go to Tools > Options > My Status. You can set a separate My Status for bibliographic records, bibliographic constant data, authority records, and authority constant data.
  • Select or change workflow status for online bibliographic or authority save file records or for local bibliographic save file records.
  • Remove the Ready status for an action you set on local save file record(s) for batch processing.

Access the Set Status window

  1. With a record open or with multiple records selected in a list, click Action > Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>
  2. Enter an identifier in free text (maximum: 40 characters). 
  3. (Optional) Select the Save Record check box to also save the record when you click OK to set, change, or remove statuses. 
  4. (Optional) Select or change status in the Workflow Status list. 
  5. (Optional) Select check box(es) to remove action(s) you have set on record(s) for batch processing. 
  6. Click OK

See more about how to set statuses for bibliographic records and for authority records.

Set Status window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Enter My Status Text field
  • Enter up to 40 characters of free text.
  • If you set a default My Status (Tools > Options > My Status tab), the client automatically supplies the default.

 Note: Not available for records in the online authority save file.


  • Blank
  • Default My Status value you assigned in Tools > Options > Set Status tab
Workflow Status list

Available for bibliographic or authority save file records
Select one of the following workflow statuses from the list:
  • Completed
  • In Process
  • In Review
  • New
Default: In Process
Save Record check box Click to save the record at the same time the status(es) are set (when you click OK or press <Enter>).
Remove ready status for batch check boxes Available for bibliographic and authority local save files:

Click a check box (for a displayed record) or multiple check boxes (for records selected in a list) for the following record actions to remove the Ready status and exclude the record from batch processing (unless you mark another action):
Bibliographic records Authority records
Delete Holdings Add
Export Export
Label Print Replace
Product Submit
Update Holdings  


  • Also resets workflow status for the record(s) to the default In Process.
  • Also deletes any My Status you set for the record(s) or adds the default My Status if you supplied one in Tools > Options > My Status.


Button name Click the button to...
OK Apply (or remove) the status(es) you entered or selected and close the window (or press <Enter>).
Cancel Cancel status(es) you entered or selected and close the window.