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Column and Row Options

Find out how to access and use the Column and Row Options window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Column and Row Options window

  • Determine where label printing begins on label sheet stock (unavailable for continuous print stock)

Access the Column and Row Options window

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Printing.
  2. Select the Prompt for Options check box. The check box is available only if you select Sheet stock under Form.
  3. Display a record for which you want to print a label, and then display a label for the record.
  4. Click View > Label or click Label button, or press <F10>.
  5. Edit the label if needed, and then click Print or press <Enter>. The Column and Row Options window opens automatically.
  6. Set parameters for printing on label sheet stock.
  7. Click OK.

See more about how to use columns and rows for label printing.

Column and Row Options window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Column and Row lists Click an arrow, or press <Up arrow> or <Down arrow>, or select the number in the list box and type a new number to change the column and/or row to start printing.

Default: 1, 1

The label format you select determines the available options.
Label format Column Row
SL4 or SLB 1-2 1-6
SL6 1-2 1-4
SP1 1-8 1-5

Position for label sets
  • Column and row options are used to place an entire label set on a sheet of stock.
  • For SL4, SLB, or SL6, a column is the width required to print a spine label and the associated pocket label(s).


Button name Click the button to...
OK Close the window and print the label starting at the column/row you specified.
Cancel Cancel printing and return to the Label window. (The client keeps the settings you entered. If you click Print again in the Label window, the Column and Row window opens with the values you entered last).