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Browse WorldCat

Find out how to access and use the Browse WorldCat window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Browse WorldCat window

  • Browse WorldCat (scan indexes)

You can also enter a browse term in the Command Line search of the Search WorldCat window (precede the browse term with the Scan command (sca).

Access the Browse WorldCat window

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Browse > WorldCat, click Browse WorldCat button, or press <Ctrl><F2>.
    • If you are logged on to OCLC Connexion, the Browse WorldCat window opens immediately.
    • If you are not already logged on, the Logon OCLC Connexion window opens. As soon as you complete the logon and close the Welcome window, the Browse WorldCat window opens automatically.
  2. Enter a browse term and select an index.
  3. Click OK.

See more about how to browse WorldCat.

Browse WorldCat window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Browse for field Enter the exact term (word or phrase) you want. See more about word, phrase, and whole phrase indexes.

Begin a phrase with the first word of the field or subfield.

Omit initial articles in a title phrase.

Do not enter the Scan command (sca).

Default: Blank (or shows your last browse term and a drop-down list of up to ten previous browse terms)
Index list Select an index.

 Note: Use the default short list of the ten most used indexes, or click Index short list button to customize the short list, or click Plus button to expand to the comprehensive list of over 50 indexes available for WorldCat searching.

Default: Title Whole Phrase (tiw=) or last index used


Button name Click the button to...
Plus button / Minus button
Switch between a condensed list of the ten most used browse indexes or a comprehensive list of over 90 indexes.
Customize list
Index short list button
Open the Customize Short List of Indexes window to customize the short index list by adding, removing, or changing position of indexes in the list.
Enter Diacritics Open the Enter Diacritics and Special Characters window to enter a diacritic or character in a search term.
OK Browse for the title ( or press <Enter>).
Cancel Cancel the title browse and close the window.