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Customize the Browse WorldCat window

Discover how to customize the Browse WorldCat window in Connexion client.

Select the short or full browse index list

You can use short or long index lists when entering browse terms. By default, the short browse index list displays a list of the 10 most used indexes.

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Browse > WorldCat or press <Ctrl><F2>.
  2. In the Browse WorldCat window, above the index list, click the Plus button (Plus button) to change to the comprehensive list of browse indexes (over 50 indexes).
    • The Plus button becomes a Minus button.
       Note: The index lists display labels and correct punctuation for each index. A single type of index may include separate indexes/labels for words, phrases, and whole phrases.

      • Title (ti:)
      • Title Phrase (ti=)
      • Title Whole Phrase (tiw=)
  3. To restore the short list, click the Minus button (Minus button).

Default short browse index list

Corp/Conf Whole Phrase (cnw=) Publisher Number (mn:)
Dewey Class Number (dd:) Series Whole Phrase (sew=)
LC Class Number (lc:) Subject Whole Phrase (suw=)
Name Whole Phrase (auw=) Title Whole Phrase (tiw=)
Publisher Phrase (pb=)  

Customize the short list index in the browse window

You can add or delete indexes and rearrange the short list when browsing:

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Browse > WorldCat or press <Ctrl><F2>.
  2. In the Browse WorldCat window, click the Personalize List button (Personalize List button) to change to the comprehensive list of browse indexes (over 50 indexes).
  3. In the Customize Short List of Indexes window, click to select an index in the list, and then:
    • Click Move Up or Move Down to move one index at a time up or down to change the order of the list.
    • Click Remove to remove the selected index.
    • Click Restore Defaults to restore the list to its original state. See the list of default browse indexes.
    • Click Modify to open the Choose Short List Items window to select or unselect indexes from the full list of all available indexes:
      • Click check boxes to select indexes or click selected check boxes to deselect them from the short list.
      • Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to cancel changes.

    • You are returned to the Customize Short List of Indexes window.
    • The indexes you selected are now in the short list and indexes you cleared are now omitted from the short list.
  4. When finished, click OK to save your settings or Cancel to cancel changes you made.
  5. To save your settings, complete a search before closing the Search WorldCat window.

Establish a default search index

For browsing, the client always keeps the last index you selected from online session to session, even if the Retain Search option is cleared, and even when you click Clear Search.

To reserve a default index:

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Search > WorldCat or press <F2>.
  2. In the Search WorldCat window, select an index in any of the three index lists of the Keyword/Numeric Search area and complete a search using the index.
    • The client keeps the index selected when you reopen the program and the window. Do not change it.
    • In subsequent searches or sessions, always use the Search for box associated with your default index to search that index only. To search other indexes, use the other Search for boxes.