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Default function keys

View the default function keys available in Connexion client.

About function keys

  • Function keys at the top of the keyboard (<F1>, <F2>, <F3>, etc.) are used alone or combined with the <Alt>, <Ctrl>, or <Shift> keys as shortcuts to carry out client functions.
    Example: <F2> opens the Search WorldCat window, if you are logged on, or the Logon OCLC window if not.
  • Function key shortcuts are only a subset of preassigned keystroke shortcuts for client functions (see a complete list of default keystrokes for all commands).
  • All functions in the client can be performed by the keyboard.
  • Function keys and any other default keystroke shortcuts can be reassigned (customized).

Function key template

To print a hard-copy template to place on your keyboard as a quick reference:

  1. Open the Function key template for OCLC Connexion client.
  2. Print the template, cut and fold it, and place it above the function keys on your keyboard.
  3. (Optional) Use the blank side to record any changes you make to the function key assignments if you customize them.

Function keys listed on menus

The client displays many of the default function keys next to the commands on menus. If you change the assignments, the client changes the display to the new key assignments, once you close and re-open the client.

Default function key assignments

The following table default  function key assignments used alone or with the <Alt>, <Ctrl>, or <Shift> key, listed in keyboard order:

Key Alone Alt + key Control + key Shift + key
F1 Client Help Logoff Logon MARC Field Help
F2 Search WorldCat Browse LC Names and Subjects Browse WorldCat Search LC Names and Subjects
F3 Search Local Bib Save File Search Online Authority Save File Search Online Bib Save File Search Local Auth Save File
F4 Save to Local File Exit Close Window Pinned
F5 Export [none] [none] Validate
F6 Next Record Area [none] Next Window Previous Record Area
F7 Check Spelling Delete Word Delete to End of Cell Produce
F8 Update Lock Record Print Delete Holdings
F9 Forward Release Lock [none] Back
F10 View Label Replace [none] Print Label(s)
F11 Control Single Heading Replace & Update Holdings Uncontrol Single Heading Control All Headings
F12 Print [none] [none] Print List


The following tables show default function key assignments in order of menus and commands (excluding the Batch and Windows menu commands, which do not have assigned default function keys):

File menu Cataloging menu Authorities menu Edit menu

Search > WorldCat

Search > LC Names and Subjects



Search > Online Save File

Search > Online Save File

Control Headings > All


Search > Local Save File

Search > Local Save File

Control Headings > Single

Print List

Browse > WorldCat

Browse > LC Names and Subjects

Control Headings > Uncontrol Single

Print Label(s)

Previous Record Area


Next Record Area



Action menu View menu Tools menu Help menu
Update Holdings


Check Spelling

Client Help

Produce and Update Holdings


MARC Field Help

Delete Holdings



(Open Navigate Records and Lists submenu)
Lock WorldCat Record



(Open Navigate Records and Lists submenu)
Release Record Lock

Replace Record

Replace & Update Holdings

Save Record to Local File