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Connexion client interface overview

Discover how to work with elements in the Connexion client interface, including windows, menus, toolbars, and records.
  • Main client windows
    Find an overview of the Connexion client main window.
  • Menus
    Find commands and equivalent keystrokes or toolbar buttons for all available menus in Connexion client.
  • Default function keys
    View the default function keys available in Connexion client.
  • Toolbars
    Find out what actions can be performed from the main toolbar in Connexion client.
  • Status bar
    Find an overview of the client status bar and how to show or hide it in Connexion client.
  • Client windows
    Find and overview of windows and keystroke shortcuts for windows in Connexion client.
  • Records
    Find an overview of how records function in Connexion client.
  • Record lists
    Find an overview of how to work with record lists, including how to view, open, print, and take actions, in Connexion client.