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Find bibliographic constant data records

Discover how to find bibliographic constant data records in Connexion client.

About finding bibliographic constant data records

You can find constant data records by:

  • Specifying a name which you assign when you create the record.
  • Specifying a My Status that you can assign (Action > SetStatus).
  • Listing all records.
  • View the default without having to search for it. See Apply bibliographic constant data for more information.

See Use bibliographic constant data search results for more on finding bibliographic constant data records.

Find specific bibliographic constant data records by name or My Status

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Search > Online Constant Data or press <Ctrl><N>.
    Navigate to Cataloging > Search > Local Constant Data or press <Ctrl><L>.
  2. (Optional for local constant data) You can change the default file by selecting a different local file in the Search Local Constant Data window in the Local file list at the top.
    • Once you change the file, enter the search, and click OK or press <Enter>, the client gives you a message that changing the file will:
      • Close all records from the file
      • Change the default file to the one you selected
    • Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel changing the default file.
  3. In the Search Online [or Local] Bibliographic Constant Data window, in the Search for field, enter a constant data record name and select the Name index from the adjacent list if not already selected.
    In the Search for field, enter the text you assigned to a constant data record as a custom My Status and select the My Status index from the adjacent list.

     Note: Assigning your name as My Status for your constant data records and then searching the My Status index for your name is a good way to retrieve only your constant data records.

  4. (Optional) Enter a second search term (constant data name or My Status), select a Boolean operator to indicate how you want to combine the terms, and select the index from the adjacent list.
    • AND - Finds records that contain both terms in the same record.
    • OR - Finds records that contain either term.
    • NOT - Finds records that contain the first term but not the second term.
  5. Click OK to send the search, or click Cancel to close the window and cancel searching.

 Note: The online constant data database is the same for the Connexion browser and the Connexion client. You can access your records using either interface.


The following words are not indexed for searching either the online or the local bibliographic constant data file:

a, an, and, are, as, at, be, by, for, from, in, is, of, on, or, that, the, to, with, http, www

Stopwords are automatically removed from searches to make the search valid. You do not receive an error message if you include stopwords in a search. Searches that include only stopwords result in no matches.

Optional: Set a default My Status or add My Status to a single record

Set a default My Status

If you want to set the same My Status (for example, your name) to most constant data records, you can save time by setting a default My Status. The client automatically supplies it each time you save a constant data record.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options or press <Alt><T><O>.
  2. Click the My Status tab.
  3. Under Bibliographic Constant Data, enter a note or identifier in free text (limit: 40 characters) to apply to constant data.

    For any particular constant data record, you can change the default My Status if needed:
    • Click Action > Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>.
    • Enter over the highlighted default text My Status in the Enter My Status Text field or edit the default My Status.

 Note: You can also set a default My Status for local authority save file records.

Set My Status for a single record

  1. With a local authority constant data record open, click Action > Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>.
  2. In the Set Status window, in the Enter My Status Text field, enter an identifier or note in free text (maximum 40 characters).
  3. (Optional) Select the Save Record check box if you want to save the record at the same time you set the My Status. A check mark indicates that this option is selected.
  4. Click OK or press <Enter> to assign or change the My Status, or click Cancel.
    • The My Status you entered displays in the record's status bar.
    • If you selected the Save Record check box, the client asks if you want to save to the online file or to a local file.
      • If you save to the online file, the client closes the record.
      • If you save to the local file, the record remains open.

List all bibliographic constant data records

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Search > Online Constant Data or Cataloging > Search > Local Constant Data.
  2. In the Search Online [or Local] Bibliographic Constant Data window,, leave all text fields empty or click Clear Search.
  3. Click OK or press <Enter>.