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About setting holdings on bibliographic records

Find an overview on how to set holdings on bibliographic records in Connexion client.

Why set holdings for a bibliographic record?

Take the Update Holdings action to:

  • Add your library's OCLC institution symbol to a record, indicating that you hold (own) the item represented by the record.
  • Add a workform, an original record you created, to WorldCat.

You also set holdings for a record (and for workforms, add the record to WorldCat) when you take one of the following actions:

Set holdings interactively

Minimum authorization level: Produce and Update Holdings actions require Full or higher authorization.

To update holdings for a bibliographic record:

  1. Log on to Connexion.
  2. Retrieve an existing or an existing record or workform and edit if needed.
  3. Click Action > Holdings > Update Holdings, click the Update Holdings button (Update Holdings button), or press <F8>.

Results of Update and Produce

Validation: By default, the system does not validate existing records automatically. You can set an option to perform basic or full validation or re-set to none in Tools > Options > General / Validation Level Options. The system does full validation for both existing records and new records (workforms).

See Validate records online or offline for more information.

If validation is done:

  • When the record contains invalid data, the system sends a validation message listing errors. For records in a list, the system sends a list of errors for all records that failed validation. Correct the errors and retry producing the record.
  • When the record is valid, the system:
    • For a workform, adds the record to WorldCat and assigns an OCLC control number.
    • Sets holdings for your library.
    • Adds your library's institution symbol to field 040.
    • Updates the holdings information at the top of the record to Held.
    • Transfers a Dewey class number from field 082 subfield a to field 092 subfield a if you supplied data in other subfields in field 092.
    • Sets the Update Holdings or Produce action status to C (Completed) in the status bar.
    • Automatically deletes the record from the save file.