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Replace bibliographic records interactively

Discover how to replace and release locks on bibliographic records interactively in Connexion client.

Replace a bibliographic record interactively

Minimum authorization level: The Lock action requires Limited or higher authorization. Replace actions require Full or higher authorization.

  1. Log on to Connexion.
  2. Retrieve the record you want to modify and replace.
  3. Edit the record
    Click Action > Lock WorldCat Record, or press <Alt><F8>, and then edit the record.

    The word Locked appears in the record information area. Lock status is not shown in the record status bar.
  4. Click Action > Replace Record or press <Ctrl><Alt><F10>.
    Click Action > Replace and Update Holdings or press <Ctrl><Alt><F11>.

     Note: If you did not lock the record before editing, the system locks it automatically before carrying out the Replace Record or Replace and Update Holdings action. If another user locked or replaced the record after you opened or saved it, the action fails and you get an error message.

Results of Replace

Validation for Update Holdings

For this part of the command, by default the client does not validate records. You can set an option to perform basic or full validation or re-set to none in Tools > Options > General / Validation Level Options.

Validation for Replace

Connexion validates the record automatically before replacing it, whether you edited it or not. The system does full validation.

  • If a record contains invalid data, the client returns a list of errors, which you can print if needed. Replace status for the record changes to F (Failed). Correct the errors and then retry replacing the record.
  • When a record is valid:
    • Connexion replaces it in WorldCat and sets your holdings, if you took the Replace and Update Holdings action.
    • The system adds the full date/time stamp for the Replace in field 005.
      • Example of Replace date/time format: 19950830024628.0 (1995 = year; 08 = month; 30 = day; 02 = hour; 46 = minutes; 28 = seconds; .0 = fraction of second [always 0])
    • The system notifies you that the record has been replaced. (Replace status for the record changes to C for completed).
    • The WorldCat record is unlocked.
    • The system automatically deletes the record from the save file.

Release lock on WorldCat record

With the locked record open, click Action > Release Record Lock or press <Alt><F9>.

  • The WorldCat record is unlocked in WorldCat.
  • Changes you made while the record was locked are retained in your working copy.