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About batch setting or deleting holdings by OCLC number

Find an overview of batch setting or deleting holdings by OCLC number in Connexion client.

Quick batch for holdings

  • Minimum authorization level: Setting and deleting holdings requires Full or higher.
  • Batch process holdings on records by sending only the OCLC numbers to the system.
  • The system finds the records and processes them without first downloading them to your workstation.

Summary procedure

  1. Navigate to Batch > Holdings by OCLC Number and enter a list of OCLC numbers or import a file of OCLC numbers.
  2. Select an action and check or change the option to set holdings even if item(s) are already owned.
  3. Click OK. When the batch is completed, a report displays immediately by default. Change the setting in Tools > Options > Batch.

 Note: The most recent batch report for processing holdings by OCLC number is retained until you run another batch of holdings by OCLC number. To view the most recent report, click Batch > View Reports > Batch by OCLC Number Report.