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Import searches from a text file

Discover how to import searches from a text file in Connexion client.
  1. Create an ASCII text file (file extension *.txt) of search keys using a basic text editor such as Windows Notepad.
    1. Enter each search key on a new line (enter a search key and then press <Enter> to type the next search key, etc.).
    2. Use separate files for importing to the bibliographic local save file and authority local save file.
    3. If you use multiple local files for batch searching, give the text file a unique name.
  2. Click Batch > Enter Bibliographic Search Keys or press <Alt><B><B>.
  3. (Optional) Under Use default index, select an index from the list of all available indexes to apply to searches you enter. The client precedes each search with the index label and punctuation (colon (:) or equal sign (=)).
    • Default: None, or the last default index you selected.
    • Exception: Any searches you type with a different index label and punctuation.
  4. (Optional) To append default WorldCat qualifiers to each search key you import, in the Enter Bibliographic Search Keys window, select the Apply default WorldCat qualifiers check box, and enter the qualifiers in the adjacent text field. The client adds the qualifiers you type to each search you import.
    • Example: Enter /bks/1980-
    • Exception: Any qualifiers you type with an individual search override default qualifiers.
  5. Click Import.
  6. In the Windows Open window, enter the full path and file name of the text file containing the search keys you want to import, or navigate to the file and then click Open.
    Navigate to the file and click Open.

    The client appends the searches in the text file to any searches already in the Enter Bibliographic Search Keys window.
  7. The client asks if you want to delete the import text file. Click Yes to delete or No to keep the file.