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About batch searching

Discover an overview of batch searching in Connexion client.


  • The client uses your default bibliographic local save file to store search keys you enter until you run the batch.
  • Enter searches the same way you enter command line searches interactively, using full search syntax. See Perform a command line search for more information.
    Import search keys from a text file (*.txt) that contains each search key on a separate line.

     Note: You cannot enter browse terms for batch processing because browsing scans an index and returns a dynamic list of terms that cannot be stored in a local file as can records retrieved by a search.

  • After the batch runs, search results are downloaded to the same local file.
  • In addition to running batch WorldCat searches, batch download records from the bibliographic online save file.
  • Non-Latin scripts are available for WorldCat batch searches.

Non-Latin scripts

The Connexion client supports using these non-Latin scripts for constructing WorldCat search terms: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Chinese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Syriac, Tamil, and Thai.

Set up for batch searching

Navigate to Tools > Options > Batch tab to check or change the following options for batch searching:

  • Maximum number of search results to download (default: 1 record; maximum: 100 records).
  • Retain batch search keys for searches that:
    • Find too many matches
    • Find no matches or produce an error (default: all settings cleared)
  • Display or print batch reports automatically as soon as the batch is completed (default: batch reports display automatically but do not print automatically).