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Enter a command line browse

Discover how to enter a command line browse in Connexion client.

Use the command line in the Search WorldCat window only to enter a browse in full syntax:

  1. Log on to the system.
    Navigate to Cataloging > Search > WorldCat, click the Search WorldCat button (), or press <F2>. Let the client prompt you to log on before opening the search window. The Search WorldCat window opens with the cursor in the Command Line Search field.
  2. When the Search WorldCat window opens (the cursor is in the Command Line Search field):
    1. Enter the Scan command (sca), a space, and then the index label.
      • For a phrase or whole phrase index, enter an equal sign after the index label (e.g., sca mn=bbc 001 or sca pnw=james, henry).

         Note: You must use an equal sign to browse for a phrase. If you enter a phrase following a colon, the system only searches for the first word of the phrase (e.g., sca ti:gone with the wind only browses for the word gone).

      • For a word (keyword or numeric) index, enter a colon after the index label (e.g., sca dd:615).
    2. Enter the exact term (word or phrase) you want. Begin a phrase with the first word of the field or subfield. Type enough of the phrase to distinguish it (you do not need to type the whole phrase). Omit initial articles.a
    See Searching WorldCat Indexes for more information about browse indexes.
  3. Click OK or press <Enter>. A WorldCat Browse List opens. See How browse results display for more information.