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Retrospective cataloging

Discover obsolete SCIPIO cataloging practices to correct in pre-2001 auction sales catalogs when cataloging in Connexion client.

In 2000, SCIPIO libraries stopped using non-AACR2 cataloging rules and began cataloging auction sales catalogs according to AACR2. If you work with records for pre-2001 auction sales catalogs, check for and correct the following obsolete SCIPIO cataloging practices which may affect retrieval:

  • Field 110 - The auction house name may not be in AACR2 form. Change to AACR2 form.
  • Field 245 - Past non-AACR2 practice was to omit introductory words such as “Catalog of,” “Sale of,” or “The collection of” from the beginning of a title. Add these introductory words if missing from the title. Also, add or correct the indicators as needed.