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Fields used to display data in labels

Discover the fields used to display data in labels in Connexion client.
Label area Source of information
(fields and subfields)
Title 245 a Punctuation is suppressed except question marks (?) and exclamation points (!)
Author 100 a b d
110 a b d
111 a d n
130 a d
The client selects author information from main entry fields 1xx.

The author area remains blank if a record has no 1xx fields.
Call number Library of Congress:
099, 098, 090, 050, 092

099, 098, 092, 090, 050

National Library of Medicine:
099, 098, 096, 060, 090, 050

099, 098, 055, 090, 050

099, 098, 090, 050, 092

National Agricultural Library:
099, 098, 070, 090, 050
The client extracts a call number based on the classification scheme associated with your OCLC authorization.

Fields are listed in order of priority for selection.

The system does not pull call numbers from 852, 082, or 086 fields.

 Note: To use a government document classification number (field 086) in a label, you must retag the field to a valid field for your classification scheme. The client cannot extract a call number from field 086 because no rules exist for parsing the numbers into lines.

Input stamp 049 a