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Batch print labels for records in local file

Discover how to batch print labels for records in local file in Connexion client.

You must set an option to mark records for label printing and then print in batch:

  1. Since labels print immediately whether you are logged on or offline, you must select an option that tells the client to print in batch mode:
    1. Click Tools > Options or press <Alt><T><O>.
    2. Click the Batch tab.
  2. In the Record Actions area under Perform local actions in batch, select the Label Printing check box.
  3. Click OK or press <Enter>. The client keeps your setting each time you open the program unless you change it.
  4. Display a bibliographic record from the local save file for which you want to print labels.
    Select records in a local bibliographic save file list:
    • To select adjacent records, click to highlight the first entry, and then press and hold <Shift> and click the last entry. 
    • To select nonadjacent entries, click to highlight the first entry, and then press <Ctrl> and click to highlight each additional entry.
  5. Click File > Print Label(s) or press <Shift><F10>.
    • The record(s) are marked for printing labels in batch mode.
    • The label status in the record's status bar or in the Label column of the bibliographic local file list changes to R (Ready).
  6. When ready, run batch processing. For the labels, the client uses:
    • The label format you specified in Tools > Options > Printing. If you do not select one, the default format is SL4.
    • The classification scheme associated with your OCLC authorization or, if working offline with records in the local save file, the classification scheme you define for offline cataloging in Tools > Options > General.
  7. (Optional) If you want to switch to printing labels immediately rather than in batch, clear the setting in Tools > Options > Batch.

Tips for undoing or redoing batch label printing:

  • If records are selected for batch printing labels (Label status = R for Ready), and you decide not to print the labels, remove the Ready status:

    With the record open, or with records selected in the local file list:
    1. Click Action > Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>.
    2. Select the Label Print check box.
    3. Click OK.
  • If record labels have been batch printed (Label status = C for Completed), but you need to reprint them via batch:
    1. With the record open, or with records selected in the local file list, click File > Print Label(s) or press <Shift><F10>. The Label status changes from C to R.