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Process unresolved data sync records

Discover how to process unresolved data sync records in Connexion client.


  • Unresolved records are bibliographic records for which no match was found in WorldCat by WorldCat data sync collections.
  • These records fail to match for a variety of reasons, including legitimate differences in cataloging practice, data errors, or other problems.
  • Unresolved records have the following characteristics:
    • They have the word NEW instead of an OCLC control number.
    • If the unresolved records are generated by group data sync collections, they have identifiers in the 951 field.

Process unresolved data sync records

Follow these steps after downloading the file of unresolved data sync records, importing the records into the client online or local save file, and retrieving them:

  1. Search WorldCat for each item to see if a record exists.
    • If a record exists (individual institution project) - Follow local practice to determine if you should use the record you found instead of the one from your project. If you use the record you found, edit it as needed.
    • If a record exists (group project) - Copy the library identifier from the 951 field in the unresolved record and paste it into the WorldCat record you found.
    • If no record exists - Edit the unresolved record, as needed.
  2. Take a final action on the record (produce, update, save, export).

     Note: If the record was in the online save file, the client automatically deletes it from the save file after the action is complete. If the record was in a local file, the client retains it; you can delete it using Action > Delete Record (or <Ctrl><Alt><D>).