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About diacritics and special characters

Find more information about diacritics and special characters in Connexion client.


  • WorldCat and the online Library of Congress names and subjects authority file fully support entering diacritics and special characters from a character set adopted by the American Library Association (ALA) in records, for example, for items in Spanish, French, and other languages.
  • The ALA character set is widely used by libraries in English-speaking countries.
  • The character set allows the representation of characters, primarily the Roman alphabet and some special characters, and diacritics commonly used in Latin- based/influenced languages.
  • You can insert diacritics and special characters using keystrokes; or when you display a record via Edit > Enter Diacritics; or when you type a search, display a label, or find/replace text via an Enter Diacritics button in the associated dialogs
  • Enter a diacritic or special character after the letter it modifies.
  • For ligatures, paired diacritics, and multiple diacritics:
    • Enter diacritics from letter outward. Letter-DiacriticNearer-DiacriticFarther.
    • Enter letter with diacritics above and below in this order: Letter-DiacriticBelow- DiacriticAbove.
  • You can customize keystrokes for entering diacritics and special characters. You can change keystrokes for a character you use often, or assign it to a User Tool.